Milka Peñaranda

Hi, I'm Milka and I am Spanish Teacher! I’m from La Paz, Bolivia. I like teaching Spanish because I love both the language and teaching very much. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from the University “Mayor de San Andres” here in La Paz. I also have a postgraduate in Upper Education and some specialty courses: “accreditations for exams DELE” in “CERVANTES”

I speak Spanish, at intermediate level English, and a little Korean.

I have been teaching Spanish here at i.e. for 9 years more or less. My methodology, I always place a strong emphasis on communication and comprehension, followed by grammar and spelling. In the Spanish class the students need speaks very much, ask, write and mainly listen. In this way the student will have a confidence in a real chat.

In my experience in the i.e. I have had the opportunity to help students improve from the intermediate to the superior level of the DELE Spanish exams. It is always a pleasure to see their achievements.

I am easygoing and I like listening to fusion music, reading, and sharing literature with my students too!!!