TESOL Teaching Training Program with Intesol Bolivia.

Want to travel the world?  Live and work in another country.

We offer TESOL Teacher Training here in La Paz, Bolivia.

Instituto Exclusivo works hand-in-hand with Intesol Bolivia to provide training and certification for English teachers.

We  offer  an  internationally  accredited  TESOL program  that  prepares  trainees  for  a  future career in  the  ESL  (English  as  a  Second  Language) world. The  certificate  opens  up  a world  of  opportunities  and will  allow  you  to work  in  hundreds  of  countries  around  the globe.  If you like to travel, learn new cultures and  languages  and  get  involved  in  the  local communities, then what are you waiting for! 

“Tell me, I forget.

Show me, I remember.

Involve me, I understand”

Our  program is run by certified trainers who will help guide and lead you to understand and apply what you are learning. The course includes both observations of experienced teachers as well as practicum classes where the trainee gets to teach real students!

Check out our website for specific dates, pricing and course content information.


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